product liability insurance


I am embarking on designing my own product, and being a freelance designer, have concerns about product liability insurance, as the product will be sold in the US and worldwide.

Does anyone have any experience with getting product liability insurance?

Is it possible for a freelancer (i.e. not a registered company) to get product liability insurance? Is it better to set up a numbered company in order to get the insurance, and limit my personal liability?

Is it prefferable for the manufacturer/distributor to carry you on their liability insurance? Does anyone have any experience about how this might affect a liscencing arrangement?

recently wondering myself. lot of indy furniture people out there. seems alot of them taking risks.

you definitely want to incorporate. keep personal legal liability clear if you sell something. it can be simple LLC.

have heard of man/dist carrying insurance. depends on product and arrangement. and your own cost. i might be getting into this sooner than expected. so will be interested in reading other responses.

The product I’m getting into is in the consumer product arena, specifically for underwater use. I think this might be a whole different ballgame than for furniture!!

that was example. of a few things.