Product Launch

I am organizing and executing a product launch for 8 furniture products during next years trade show season. The designs are all prototyped and manufacturing is pretty much set up in China. However, I want to get some feedback from anyone who has attempted to launch a product line via the trade show route.

The designs are modern utilizing materials from corian, to plywood, to stone, to upholstering. They belong in the same product category, but not necessarily the same room. The price point I believe will compete with companies like blu-dot.(mid-high)

Any advice on what shows are good for what? I have been to the ICFF and I will be attending High Point at the end of this month just to do some research. I plan on getting a small booth for 3-4 shows and introducing our products to get some feedback.

Should we be ready to take orders right away or should we just show the products for the first few shows?

Any advice would be appreciated! Also, any good resources for launching such a company?

HIgh Point will be a waste of money. Blu Dot’s showroom is always pretty lonely when I walk by. And they have a great location- you’d be in a temp space out in the sticks somewhere. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you go.

ICFF is a good small show, with the advantage that the people there are looking for modern furniture (98% of the people at High Point aren’t). Vegas might be worth looking at. That’s it.

You shouldn’t show just to show. You need to be ready to take orders, and you need to be able to quote firm delivery dates. I hope you already know this, but you need a distribution system figured out, and you need your own QC on the ground in China (the factories will ship you junk when you least expect it, and that will kill a company that’s just starting out). You need someone to handle your international logistics. And you need a big chunk of money to finance those initial orders.

What anti-dumping rate did your Chinese factories get? If you don’t know what that means, you need to find out, fast.

Sounds ambitious, good luck.