Product Innovation Technician at Humber

This is a 2 year diploma at Humber. Has anyone taken it and how are the career options for this? I’ve got a degree already, want to move into ID, but don’t want to do a program as long as 4 years (which is what most ID programs are like). Let me know what you think.

Hi, I dunno anything about Humber, but I was thinking of studying there to take ID too cause its the only uni on Toronto offering it I think…

Just interesed: What degree do u have already?

The Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto offers a 4 year ID program in which you recieve a Bachelor of Design.

Many in the industry are a little skeptical about Humber’s technician program, but it really depends on what you expect out of it.

Humber’s “regular” 4 year (or is it three?) ID program is fine, it is just that there is some confusion as to what the 2 year “technician” program is supposed to acheive. I personally don’t know enough about it to comment in depth, but I feel the real danger is for graduates of the 2 year program expecting a full ID education.

I have been involved in both Humber and OCAD and can say that neither have a great reputation in the industry. A good designer would survive them but I wouldnt go out of my way for either.

Humber is a community college and OCAD is an art school if that means anything.

Having said that… Ken Cummings at Humber is really well connected and could probably hook you up better than Lenore or whoever is now running design at OCAD.

Have a look at the results from the ACIDO rocket show last May and judge for yourself.