Product hall of shame

Okay, I just saw this for a ropeless jump rope. And it will even make the swish sound for you as if you had a real rope. This is why marketing people get paid more than we do:

I believe this is on the same level as that garden hose exercise thing David Carradine was pushing:

Interesting … none of the models in the video are actually jumping, as in, getting their feet off of the ground. They’ve probably already sold out the first two production runs. BounceSnap might be a better name.

Where do you find this stuff skinny?

Why not just jump in place? Is it me, or is it everyone else that is crazy?

Is that how David Caradine died? That looks dangerous.

Is that how David Caradine died?

nyah … it was the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique that Beatrix laid on him…

But you won’t get the electronic swish sound of the imaginary rope!

Or a motivating personal speech synth.