product graphics

Does anybody a source where I can find informations about product graphics? Everyone I’ve ask so far has different opinions about placing graphics. So are there some layout rules?

Shouldn’t it depend on what type of product you’re trying to sell?
Utilize the flattest part of your product to display any 2D graphics…that way it can sit on the shelf and be seen by the consumers…

I found some Point of Purchase Definitions - I dont know if this will be
helpful to you.

If this isn’t helpful try this link…


This term generally refers to the place in-store where the financialtransaction is actually made - in most cases the till point. However, more oftenthan not it is used to describe Point of Purchase.


This is the place in-store where the purchasing decision is actually made.This can be on-shelf, but there are many other options. In most cases thisdecision point can be enhanced by the use of in-store marketing materials.


Refers to any marketing tools used within the retail environment to raiseproduct awareness and increase the opportunity of a purchasing decision beingmade.


The Fast Selling Display Unit is an ideal vehicle to create maximum in-storeawareness, as well as maximising product volume within the retail environment.FSDU’s can also be referred to as OFD’s (off shelf displays) or Shippers.


The Counter Display Unit is the prime option for raising product awarenesseither on shelf or at the till point.


A standee is an ideal way to support your marketing campaign within storesand to raise product awareness - increasing the potential of a positivepurchasing decision being made.


The wobbler is simple and cost-effective means of raising product awareness.It is also ideal for promotion endorsement and product link sales.


Bus stops will raise product awareness from an aisle-end approach within theretail environment.


Bunting can be used to create visual theatre within the retail environment. Dramatic and eye-catching, subconsciously it reminds the purchaser of times of celebration.


Information centres and literature displays also convey product awareness and product information in-store. Perfectly sited in retail foyers or in product approach areas they guarantee high visibility for the message being put forward.


A pallet display brings volume or bulk product into the retail environment. A highly visual and eye-catching medium ensures that your product arrives in-store, in-style.


The dump bin is used for tumble product and for product promotions. Cost effective and eye-catching, they are highly versatile while remaining budget sensitive.

Product graphics including ornament, cosmetic and branding have no regulatory body rules regarding location, orientation, size, colour, etc. Corporate identification practices only apply.

Product graphics including safety certification labeling UL, CSA, CE, TUV, FCC, etc. do have size and placement guidelines. Other labeling such as NiCad battery no-dispose / recycle symbols also have size implementation guidelines.

These guidelines are available from their respective issuing bodies. A product application for certification can be conditionally rejected if label symbols are inappropriately applied.