Product Form - resource

I’m looking to learn more about product form and peoples perception of a product based on its form. Its something I’ve always had a interest in but I dont think my education really went that in-dept on the subject. I like the idea of a nearly sciencey approach to the subject.

So does anyone have learning resources that they could recommend me, books etc? Or even tricks of the trade.

I’m a fan of Art as Experience by John Dewey.

I like, Universal Principles of Design. Not sure if it’s as scientific as you are looking for.

Thanks for the interesting recommended reading guys!

Historical Gramar of Visual Arts ( - Alois Riegl)
Style ( - Semper)
History of Art ( - Gombrich) - to be read first so you understand the others

I like those because they try, each in his way, to explain form in art, architecture e man-made “things” historically. Seeing through this prism is the best way for me to understand form nowadays