product development versus communication & multimedia de

Hey guys!

After my bachelor in product development in Antwerp, I want to go study communication & multimedesign in Rotterdam.

I have gone to the open day of communication and multimedia design. It really fascinated me all. And I gladly would do such things of myself also.

I could skip the “propedeuse” (intro year) because of my bachelor PO. Also I probably could get some “wild card” for some studies, because of my already obtained skills.

But I am nevertheless still for doubting if this study it is, however, worth of three years studying in Rotterdam. Wont I move my field

Won’t I move my field too hard out of the domain of product development? So I won’t have enough feeling anymore with product development?

In the Netherlands of course you can make your own priorities and head your education towards it. But I am not this certain if I am on the right place with this study, that focuses so hard on display, screens.

There are, however, tasks which are product-related, but these are nevertheless rather small.

I want that this study reinforces my diploma PO, and that I won’t put this one in the shadow

I don’t know if this switch is that clever, if I will be sought-after on the market. Nevertheles I studied then 6 years in total.
3 years product development
3 years communication & multimediadesign

Because I won’t be the best man in productdevelopment, and perhaps won’t be the best one in communication design. Is the area they both meet, so relevant?

I firstly was so enthusiastic about studying CMD because it was so graphic, and I like doing graphics. But now it has become a doubt point because I already have bachelor PO. I don’t want it to be for nothing.

Hmm, though decision… Pleasant greeting, Andy