Product Development Strategy for Dynamic Complex Adaptive Systems (Transition)

I have built a case for why diagnostics on your preparedness (future-proofing) is a critical need right now.

Would love feedback and thoughts

A few things, knowing fully well this is just the skeleton of the presentation and your verbal content will fill it out.

  • I have no idea of what the objective of the presentation is

  • There is no visual cohesiveness to the presentation

  • You offer no evidence of the premise, “Polycrisis”. For something seemingly melodramatic, I’m not taking your word for it.

  • At least a half dozen slides seem to be visual candy with way too much information for them to be in a PP

  • Referencing studies greater than 5 years old have little credibility

  • If you are presenting a solution, I do not know what it is

Thank you.

Too much reliance on a presenter and not enough stand alone clarity

I agree with your points however, those studies are my portfolio _I can make that clearer in order to convey my experience (age of the studies)

I made the pitch today to a design collective without the slides or even the use of polycrisis

simply describing our pressing issues of [emissions] and [circularity] as two key product development drivers for organizational and systemic transformation was enough to capture their attention for the consulting opportunities in diagnostics for complex and complicated human adaptive systems (cites, various, years of the stuff etc ;p)

If I can get the storyline right I won’t need those confusing slides to make my point that new ways of thinking and of knowing are needed to cope with such disruptions

the old ways were geared to promoting the wrong metrics (infinite growth driven by wasteful consumption)

Read an article in the Economist about Ukraine consulting with Japan on how to “rebuild” - Japan has seen multiple acute crises over the past several decades, and preceded by WW2 destruction.

Main tenets are: people first - use it as an opp to rethink everything - start planning even while things are being destroyed because once the world calms down it’ll be too late to plan.


Probably more tactical than your work but anyway:

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