Product Development Retreat

I’m (again) perusing the product designer landscape for one IDer interested in a unique partnering venture, that’s partnering… not employment. This start-up venture is all about a Private Product Development Retreat in the backwoods of north Idaho. Presently I operate from the facility and consult with independent inventors in the fields of invention development, product commercialization, and licensing & alliance development. I’d like to add proto fab capability and 2D rendering skills to the mix. Relocating is of course required. Send me an email if this sounds like “you”… and lets talk…

Pictures - Google satellite view - would be interesting to see.

Satellite view of proposed Invention Development Retreat Facility (attached)

Aside from using the Retreat for my current consulting work with independent inventors …to some degree I also envision using the Retreat to facilitate consulting work with Companies/brands. As I present patented product properties to prospective licensees (operating Companies) on behalf of my clients it is not unusual to learn more about what those Companies are actually after…what their marketing people are thinking. This, at times, leads to a working relationship with the Company.

I also anticipate offering the Retreat to west coast ID firms to facilitate a get-a-way for deep dives and such…get away from the distractions…focused brainstorming… As well, I am looking to academia as a potential niche market - working with small numbers of students that are interested in taking an original patentable concept through the development and commercialization process - in part, as an educational college project.

Generally, in each of the above cases the Retreat will function as a periodic meeting place over the duration of the project.