Product Development Firm + Product Development Boot Camp?


Some months / years back (heck, who can tell) I came across a story about a (PA-based?) product development firm that started their own ID bootcamp program for clients, kind of like a 2+ weeks on-site program to teach them how to generate concepts, develop products, etc. It was a neat concept but I, for the life of me, cannot find a mention of the same on the internets. Am I losing my mind? Or can anyone else supply a link?



IDEO did or does something similar.

…it wasn’t IDEO. I could have sworn they were in PA, however…

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Is it MAYA Design? I read about them in Fast Company this year


You are spot-on. Thank you. Try to figure out a way to look this up…because I couldn’t find a thing. And I get Fast Company, so that’s where I probably read it. Thank you!