Product Development and Rapid Prototyping in Irvine Ca

Not known my many, Irvine Valley College offers coursework in Product Development and Modelmaking. They have courses that include rapid visualization, SolidWorks, basic hands on model development, and courses that use their 6 Rapid Prototyping machines.

The costs are under $150 and classes begin the week of August 20.

DMP200 - Introduction to Modelmaking and Product Development – a survey course discussing product development and modelmaking.
DMP210 – Rapid visualization – learn how to quickly sketch concepts that develop in your head.
DMP220 - Basic Modelmaking – Hands on creation of models from new materials.
DMP222 - Rapid Prototyping (SolidWorks is a prerequisite) – Learn the advantages and disadvantages of current rapid prototyping machines.
DMP230 – SolidWorks – 3D CAD…
DMP241 - Introduction to Product Development, only offered every 2 years
DMP260 - Materials and Processes – How are things made in contemporary manufacturing environments.

The schedule can be found below: