Product designers @ Ford?

Was wondering if anyone had any insight about product designers working within the trans industry. I see Ford has a post on Coroflot job details -- error encountered and seems they’re looking for a more product focused designer. I think these types of designers tend to work on designing details, ie rims, steering wheels, radio components, etc.

I’ve always been interested in the auto industry, but never had that super flashy car sketching style…was wondering if this could be a way in?

Actually, I think you are right. Ed Golden from Ford was saying last year at the Automotive Interiors show that with the increased focus on interior design that they would be looking more towards product designers rather than true automotive designers. Makes sense. With everything from the steering wheel to the radio and HVAC controls becoming increasingly complex, product designers are needed to focus more intimately with every design detail.
Other than that, well, Michigan is just too dang cold.

it’s a very boring job. that’s why a lot of them left!

some schools dont graduate Transportation Majors. some programs are just Industrial Design w mix of products including cars. i know people working like that at car companies. not everyone has a Transportation Major. not unusual for them to look for product types.

it’s a very boring job.

Elaborate please…

Do you work @ Ford? Know anything about job posted?

I did worked there, but I was not in product studio.
I know a few friends works in product studio ( they left already), their job is just like bearcat says, designing steering wheels, buttons, rims…some people who have the real passion for automotive might see this as a super fun job. I know some product guy became exterior designer like that… so don’t get me wrong!
However, I had to say with the benifits, salary that Ford provided…
it’s a good deal.
ps: Michigan is very cold. :open_mouth:

I thought car companies have been hiring product designers to design interior ever since…?

Well, it depends on what kind of environment you like to work in. My teacher worked for a firm, then got his own firm, then closed it and got a job at Ford, now a product manager working directly under J Mays. He loves it. He can have a life now and date. He loves cars and gets to be involved with the latest coolest things. He has fewer things to worry about unlike in the days when he had to do everything himself.

Then there is another teacher who worked at GM for 3 years as a car designer and finally quit. Got his own business and feels happier.

I guess you really have to experience it to really know if you like it.

I am–
If someone was to apply for this job w/o any auto experience, what are the chances of getting a foot in the door? What would the employer want to see in a portfolio from someone “from the outside”?

Thanks for the feedback guys!!!

I’m not I am, but my instructor showed us his portfolio that he used to apply to Ford years ago. There was nothing related to cars. The closest thing was a seat design for Amtrek.

He was in office furniture design, so he had lot’s of experience designing chairs and prototyping them, which showed in his portfolio. I don’t know what counts now though.

It also depends on what they need at that time. My instructor told me that they needed someone with business and management experience, so he got hired.