Product Designer/Industrial Designer Portfolio example

Hi All,

Would be good to get some constructive (positive and negative) crit for my portfolio.


My ask would be what are you trying to communicate with this portfolio and what are you using it for? it is all just final renderings and images - nothing showing the development / exploration work. If you are using this portfolio to get a job as a designer, then you must understand that most employers want to see the “how” you created your final design. Based on your portfolio - i would hire you for simply creating images for other designers - you also state, your vast knowledge and how you where personally asked by a curator to display your work, and all the publications that work has been shown in… Why would you not show images of this?
Your statement about your vast knowledge of software seems to reaffirms my comment above that your focus is on executing designs in software not actually doing the designs as a skill.

I agree with what Watkinson has said. I would like to know more about why these objects exist and how you got to your end solution.