Product Design student @ CCS....considering minoring in.....

I’m a freshman Product student at CCS. I transfered in 34 credits i believe…

I was speaking with my counselor and the topic of remaining a full time student during my four years was brought up. Since I’ve transfered in just about all of my freshman and sophomore liberal arts and foundation courses, I am currently in junior/senior level classes. Once I’m closer to graduation, I will have nothing else to take except studios, which must be taking in sequence.

So to keep my scholarship which I need, I must remain full time by either taking some random classes, or I am considering minoring in illustration since I’m getting into a bit of conceptual design stuff like vehicles and environments…not so much characters since I’m not very good at drawing them yet. I will leave CCS in four years with a major in ID and a minor in Illustation, and I will still be paying the same for tuition. Minoring in illustration only requires 24 additional credits, which I will have room for in my schedule.

Any thoughts on this plan? What are some other potential minors to focus on that will make me a better ID’er?

Crafts? You can learn awesome furniture making skills with it. Illustration sounds good, just that you will probably do similar things with vis com anyways. The only thing I will see illustration benefit you is to draw human figures, which you said you are not good at.

Sounds like a good plan… I would burn up some credits in the graphic design department as well…

I had a similar situation when I was in school. My advisor told me to take classes in whatever I felt I needed the most help in. If you think you need to improve your 2-D work, Illustration sounds like a good option, if you need improvement in 3-D modeling (both physcial or CAD) take classes in those subjects. Don’t just get a minor in something because you can. It will never be easier to get training in things you either what to learn about or need to refine further.

I took as many classes as I could in engineering/manufacturing stuff, and social science classes. I didn’t minor in anything but I broadened my knowledge and skill base more than I would have with any specific minor.

Either path is good, but make sure that it strengthens your weaknesses, and gives you more tools to be successful with. Good Luck!