Product design or Entertainment design....Please help me

Hey everyone!
I am currently a junior at CCS in Product design. I recently became aware that there is a seperate(slightly) path to take to become a concept artist…for entertainment persay. So now I am minoring in illustration to assist me later on depending on which direction i would like to go with my career. But here is my dilemna, I am torn between Product design and conceptual artwork. I feel great joy when doing both, and when i first became acquainted with concept art i was obsessed with that, but now the obsession has settled down and i would say im equally torn between the two. Can anyone give me any inspirational words supporting either path? I would still like to go with product design because it just seems like a more stable and forgiving path, and probably more rewarding in many ways. I just love to draw sexy pictures, but I like to invent at the same time… Help me??? :slight_smile:


Go product. Easier to go the “hard” route early (learning all the manufacturing/engineering things you need to know) than learning them later. And regular IDers like me are doing entertainment work (I’m on a big project now). As movies and videogames demand ever more detail, having Product ID knowledge is an advantage. Anyone can illustrate. Not anyone can illustrate something that can be sensibly fabricated for a movie prop.

My .02

Hey thanks Csven,
What you said definitely supports the things i have been hearing from other sources. Alot of what I have been hearing is that Entertainment is very frugal because of the massive amount of people in it and the limited amount of jobs. So like you are saying they were making their living from product work, but doing sidejobs within conceptual. I would definitely have to agree though that anyone can illustrate and the actual creative yet realworld design aspect of ID is what sets us apart. Thanks for your 2 cents, definitely helpful!