Hi guys,

This is my first post here. I am a mechanical engineer graduate gearing up for post-graduation in product/ industrial design. I am looking for programs where the emphasis is more on solutions and innovation rather than only on aesthetics (this is not to say that aesthetics should be completely ignored). I am open to colleges all around the world. Please recommend some good ones.

I intend to apply to either this year or next year. Although, I feel that it may already be too late to apply for this year’s session, I am still hoping there might be some colleges to which I can apply.

Lastly, I would really appreciate help on the portfolio as I do not know what should be put and how should it be put to create a compelling portfolio for masters admission. I have designed hydraulic machines, cranes, a website, a couple of logos and quite a few caricatures and portraits. I also have a few projects on upcycled products like lamps and tables. Would any of these qualify as portfolio material?

What is the admission committee looking for?

Any other advice or guidance would be really useful as well!

Thank you!

We’ve got one of those in Philadelphia. MS Industrial Design at Philadelphia University. I run it, so I’m biased, but we’ve been having good graduate results and the program mix here (design, business, engineering, healthcare, fashion/textiles) makes collaborative projects easy (er). We have a lot of engineers, sculptors, architects and other career-shifters.
Feel free to hit me up:

Tod Corlett

I think I can give you a few informations about relevant courses as I am in the same situation and did a lot of research about those courses. Here are a few courses you should keep an eye on (just Europe).

Design courses with a focus on engineering:

TU Delft - Integrated Product Design
Brunel University - Integrated Product Design
Royal College of Art - Innovation Design Engineering
Loughborough University - Design Innovation

And here are some Universities with similar courses I dont know the name of

Politecnico di Milano
KTH Stockholm
TU Eindhoven
Glasgow School of Art
TU Denmark

There are loads of other courses that would aim your wishes.

About the Portfolio. Just look at portfolios from others to get some inspiration. If you have a good product idea, try to depict it. You dont have to build a working prototype (if you do its even better), just draw sketches, build mockups, create some renderings and give your projects a structure and consistance. Show that you are able to think creative.

I also had to learn it and I just had four month time to build up my portfolio. At the end it worked out, as I got at least an interview invitation at most Universities I applied to.