(product design in the UK) Refund on education

I get loads of CVs every month and 95% go in the bin.

It looks like that Design Students are being ripped off
by education providers, and should ask for a refund.

Students with 1st and 2.1 degrees are of poor standard
and have no idea. They have been fooled into thinking
they are good.

With this bent view on their ability they look for work and fail,
and ask… Why?

Don’t ask why? ask for a refund on your education.


im interested to know why you think this. Care to expand and offer some examples.


Bad rendering skills in both marker and CAD.
Bad presentation skills.
No understanding of Materials.
No understanding of basic engineering.

and that’s mainly the top 4

Perhaps your standards for recent grads are too high?

I base them on the level of my degree work.

I had a 2.1

I understand, but things may have changed since then

Yes, basic standards have dropped.

There needs to be more design tutors reading the riot act.

We are over run with design students, with very few places to put them.

Courses should be harder. Like learning to be a chef.

I once ripped up our placment students work in his face!

He gave me boards, with badly cut edges and finger prints.

When he had served his time with our company, he left an extremly good designer.

You have a magic touch maybe?

Is it wise to generalize that 95 per cent of grads have :
Bad rendering skills in both marker and CAD.
Bad presentation skills.
No understanding of Materials.
No understanding of basic engineering

mm…maybe not (or maybe you have a survey team in the MI5 that checks all recent grads?)

This tells us more about you than it does about the skills of the designer.

sounds a bit too much…

well I don’t know about others, but I know some first class hon are actualy 3rd class and some 3rd class hon actually 1st class ! Go figure !

As for standard drops, I don’t think so for the good schools. If you were talking about those medicosre schools, then its the same anywhere in the world. Including the finger prints, badly thought process, and all the junk.

maybe you should get invoved in Education so you can make sure you can bring everyone up to scratch.

It’s not my fault that you guys are so much crap, go improve yourselves.
I recommend “tha way of the crane” by Tao Jung He

As a bit of an insider I have to respond to this, I work both as a designer and occasionally at a University as a lecturer.

I can see both sides of the coin, I recruit designers and train them too.

Before simply downing the graduates, you have to understand how universities work and how the courses are structured.

Universities are a business. Businesses have to worry about the bottom line as much as a consultancy. If the university can start a course that is attractive to more students they get more student, i.e. more money, this sounds good to a business?

The courses them selves are structured in a way that differing types of people can do well, if you can render well, you get good marks. If you can write well you get good marks. You can end up with a great ‘designer’ who cannot write very well with the same mark as a poor ‘designer’, who can write well on the subject. Add to the mix, maths, finance, engineering, material and historical studies and mark them independently of the design content and you can start to see why the grades and the students appear to be the same with very, very different design skills.

So, it must be the university at fault, well this is what I thought and started to shout about it, but the universities have instructions to follow set by educational authorities, these are controlled by the government. So it must be the government! Well, I question if they are really in touch with what industry in the UK really need? But we voted them in so we have to live with it.

I battle with my student to practice design well and to be great designers, however our culture is such that to get better grades equals better success. The vast majority of design student do not end up in design jobs. Universities acknowledge this, so modern degrees are designed to appeal to a wider range of companies, fields, etc. More transferable!

Incidentally the grades that students get now really p*** me off, I got a first and I know how hard I worked for it…