Product Design in Barcelona?

Ok, keeping options open! Does anyone know what the product design scene is like in Barcelona? I’ve been briefly as a tourist to the city, and it was a fantastic place, and somewhere that seemed to be much more international and modern/forward-think than I had expected. Is it much the same as Italy in that the term Product Design usually translates as chairs and possibly some lighting? I’d love to do some real problem-solving stuff, with user-anaylsis and design development with respect to the semantics and function; is there anything like this in Barcelona?

Any accounts of experiences appreciated! Thanks

Hi sketcher

I may say I do know the product design scene in Barcelona and unfortunately (for your expectations!) it is a lot of ‘chairs and lighting’ design. However, there are some Product Design companies: ( )
(the first page is in Spanish)

I would recommend the second one (since the ‘buzz’ around the first one is that they tend to explore their employees, but maybe the ‘buzz’ is just wrong!)

Regards and good luck

Hi I am from finland and I also want to apply in Barcelona, do you know first hand? Have you worked on any of them?

I also found these ones which looks interesting:

Thanks both of you for the leads and advice! I will have a look at the sites asap, and might get back to you with questions :slight_smile:

For now: Alfons, are you already in Barcelona? And, can I clarify; do you mean “exploit” their employees? In what way? Thanks very much, and keep 'em coming folks!

I’ll be back later!


The buzz is false… I’m actually working at NODE as Responsible for the Knowledge Center, and they are not actually exploiting me !!! :unamused: It is hard work, but really interesting work. And a really great people working here !!

Feel free to send your cv through our web page…we always look for new talents…

Kind regards

Thanks again for all your leads - I’ve looked up the websites and they all seem really good - especially NODE Design. It’s good to see some diversity in the type of design companies in the city. Thankyou, Lydia, for posting - it’s great to hear some first-hand advice :slight_smile: