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All i have to reference is my own experience out in the design world. That said…

I have met LOTs of people like Deez out there. Yes, he is a unique person… but guys who may have a hot position at a company, paid well, and skills/exerience CAN be abrasive. Hell, the CEO at my company is similar - allways either attacking or defending his position, but intelligent most of the time. He is German, too, and not the “Rude North American” stereotype europeans sometimes cherish.

I think that there are nice responders and sarcastic ones on this board because that is, IMHO, how people are in the design/business jungle. They are not nurturing constantly like in school and they can dish out zingers. I think it’s important to have thick skin and be a little machosistic to make a career out of design. If an anonymous guy with some wit makes someone flee this board for a nicer and maybe less realistic one, I honestly think they would not do well in the design world I have seen in the USA.

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Plus I have more laughs at some of the design arguments on this board than PDForums… that alone is a good reason to take a break here

deez, deeez, deeeez…you just proved my point. thank you. Looks like I struck a sensitive subject. Do you find a lot of people telling you the same thing? Are you capable of articulating your point without blowing your load? I don’t think so. After wading through the paragraphs of insults, I think what you were trying to say was that you are just defending america. Little deez, don’t you realize that no matter how valid your point may be, no one takes your comments seriously?!? Trying to defend america? Are you blind? Your comments make people HATE america.

And btw WHO are you to dish out grow-up cards? WTF is you? Mature double windsor knot fuckface sitting at a mahogany desk on the top floor?

Why yes I am, thank you. I hope you eventually tell us your real identity, and quit hiding behind Karim; so when you ask me for a job as a junior intern, I can ask my secretary to send you flowers and a get well card after drop-kicking your ass to the curb.

Cheer up my little dark friend. America loves you. If your third world mommy gave birth to you with a brain, you would have been able to stop sticking your head in the toilet

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Now now boys. Let’s not get carried away, or it might come across as this forum IS actually a place of bitchy, non-constructive discussions.

It would help to find out if Deez could justify his strong opinions without always going off on a tangent and directly attacking people he hardly knows. I come from a product design background in Africa (yes Africa!), and it is useful to be able to look at this argument from outside of the American / European mindset.

IMHO, both forums have their strengths and their weaknesses. Core has a long and reputable track record and a good reputation for many of it’s features, not necessarily it’s forums. However the majority of this forum’s users do help out with constructive commentary which has been of much help to many other users. Productdesignforums should be acknowledged for their attempt to create a forum where young designers and students can learn from each other and engage in design discussions. While they will never become as comprehensive as Core, they still service a specific target market and should not be slandered for doing so.

There are decent arguments on both sides of the table of the US vs Europe debate. The US has a very large number of Industrial Designers - approximately 38 000 as of 2004/5. This coupled with the sheer size of the economy, population and willingness to innovate will always be a good catalyst for strong creative thinking resulting in many excellent product designs. This is not just limited to industrial design, but can be found in many other design disciplines. Also, some of the fore-fathers of modern Industrial Design have their roots in America and have strongly helped shape the influence of design throughout the world.

Europe, on the other hand, is also a strong player in the world of design. Many of the world’s greatest designers have eminated from there. Some of the most prolific design movements also had their roots there. When we talk of great furniture design, and great automotive design, the European countries have more trophies and recognition in their cabinet. Another example is the iF Design award - widely regarded as the Oscars of the Design World. Out of the 564 award winners in the Product Design category for 2005, only 20 were from the US. The rest were made up of European and Far-Eastern design consultancies.

Also, if we look outside the US and Europe we find that increased globalisation and hunger for information and knowledge has led to a large increase in the availability of Industrial Design courses in many parts of the World. South Korea and Australia are good examples of countries that are both producing large numbers of qualified designers. South Korea is tiny when compared to the US, but has approximately 36 000 industrial designers. The small island of Japan comes in with a respectable 28 000, followed by the UK and Italy with 20 000 a piece.

Also interesting to note is the percentage of designers per million of the population. If we look at it this way, then Sweden lead the way with 1000 designers per capita, followed by South Korea with 750, Singapore with 681, Italy with 344, UK with 333, Japan with 220, USA with 128 and South Africa with 56. If we look at innovation, the Japanese even boast the highest number of patent applications per year, with roughly 420 000 filed annually.

What I’m trying to get to, is that Design is universal in it’s appeal and in it’s expertise. It is extremely naive to think that out of all the designers in the world, the American’s are the best and the most creative. It is this naivity that has lost the US many friends and partners in the past. The sooner some designers get off their high horses and embrace the help, wisdom, advice and skills of other global designers, the better for the design industry as a whole and the better for the consumer. American product designers are very good, unique and creative. But, so are designers from many other nations. The more that hot shot designers hide behind arrogance and ignorance, the more the actual world of global design will pass them by and leave them anonymous and forgotten.

Cheers! :smiley:

so how do you get 1000 designers per capita?

deez, what’s with you and guest9 saying things like " thanks for the contribution ?".

did you write it yourself?
are you guest9?

please, one comment made by who? days ago, and you use it like it is
some kind of praise for you…

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1000 designers per million of the population as mentioned above the per capita comment.

Sorry, in my first post, I meant number of designers per million of the population and not percentage. Only noticed now.

I would have posted a response earlier, but I fell asleep while browsing through some website called Product Design Forum.


I´m not european, I´m from south america, but anyway I wanted to tell you that I can´t believe the arrogance, ignorance and violence of your comments. Come on man WHO are you to speak like that??? Chill out dude!

Let´s cut the insults and violence, Are you able to try to make a point without loosing your temper?

Why all the fuss with deez? he left the states and went to france to find a job, and then he ended up painting murals in people’s houses… leave the poor thing alone…

For the amount of time you spend writing pointless responses to a real problem on this website you could go out and find a design job. Just my opinion! I rarely browse this forum anymore, it is impossible to want to spend time like I’m doing at this very moment to get anything constructive out of this forum.

Not every statement requires a response.

If you dont like Deez’s reply skip over it and post what you want to say about the topic. You keep it focused. This is a 3 page thread already, but 2 pages are about Deez what does that say about his accusers using their time as compared to Deez.

Personally I find some of Deez’s comment offensive but most of the time I enjoy reading the rambling of a mad man. If it gets too much there is something called a scroll bar.

Have a nice Thanksgiving and dont choke on the turkey thinking about Deez and be thankful that we have Core77 to express our serious and not so serious opinions.

Not every statement requires a response.

What a lovely thread i started…nevermind

Deez…you probably think Boston, New York, Birmingham to name a few are just American cities, you probably think Lafayette is/was just a street in New York, your idea of American cuisine is probably burgers, fried chicken and ribs, your idea of intelligent comedy is Friends, you probably think Africa is a country, you probably think Praque is in Russia, you probably think the internet was invented in America, you probably have never been anywhere else but American since only 10% of Americans have passports. Your idea of a historic building is the Empire State. You probably believe Bush when he says your fighting a war on terror and your soldiers are dying for a just cause…in short, your abrasive, obvious, you have no clue about being subtle and your megalomaniac tendencies make your even weaker and more pathetic.

Ill register if you like so you can “have fun with my brain”

First explain to me what ideo-motor response, auto-suggestion, embedded commands and micro-gestures are without looking it up on google and then maybe we’ll be on the same page.

Do you follow me or do you need some medicine


make fun of deez, fine. But don’t do draggin the rest of us in with your comments.

Please tell us, in all your infinit wisdom; if we’re NOT fighing terrorists in Iraq, who is killing our soldiers?!? If there is some brilliant solution to this mess that we aren’t privey to in the US, please enlighten us. I’d love to hear it. :confused:

  1. Every innocent Iraqi who suffered a death in the family because of some reason connected to our unjustified war.
  2. Every innocent Iraqi who had a family member kidnapped by U.S. military because they were suspected of knowing where Saddam was hiding. Kidnapping. A tactic we used just like how we use torture or send prisoners to friendly countries that torture for us. We have innocent blood on our hands.
  3. Every Iraqi who watched as the U.S. invaded their country and destroyed internal security putting innocent people at risk from those who prey on them just like what happened after Katrina only worse.
  4. Every Iraqi who watched from behind locked doors with their children because it was too dangerous for them to go to school and live their lives.
  5. Every Iraqi who was a toy to the sadastic whims of U.S. policy at Abu Ghraib and other prison sites. Bush denies but everyone knows how we treat suspects and how we have secret prisons to do this unholy stuff. And the average soldier takes all the blame. ((Support our military! Put the blame where it belongs!))
  6. Every Iraqi offended by the sadism and disregard for human dignity put on display at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. The same stuff Bush and Cheney are fighting with Republican Sen McCain on now. Who can not be offended by what the U.S. is doing?
  7. Every Iraqi who had a decent life before the U.S. rushed to war to destroy weapons that country didn’t have.
    8.) Every Iraqi who believes like people in the world that the U.S. is fighting for control of their oil and not anything else.

I don’t consider any of those people terrorists. If that was happening to us in the U.S. we’d all be fighting the occupying force too. I call it patriotism. Yea, there are some terrorists there because we’re the ones that made it a nice place for terrorism (there’s even terrorists like Tim McVeigh in the U.S.!). But not near as many as people like Rumsfeld said in the beginning. Now the U.S. military even says it’s mostly regular Iraqi’s in the insurgency. Not the foreign fighters and al qaida people they said before. Just regular Iraqi people sick of us and what we’re doing.

The solution is to leave like they’ve asked us to. Yesterday every group in Iraq the Shiite, the Kurds and the Sunni spoke with one voice saying, “America leave”. Well Saddam is gone. There are no WMDs. What the hell are we there for now? They don’t want our help. Why are American soldiers dying now? For what? Are we going to stay forever? What was the big plan we had when we invaded? The longer we stay the longer the insurgency grows. Most of the people dying are Iraqi’s so they don’t want us and the longer we stay the more will join the rebellion. And the majority of Americans don’t want to stay in Iraq anymore. Americans know you can’t make people democratic. We’ve given them a chance. Time for them to stand up on their own feet.

I could not agree more with the last post.

When you have three different groups (the suni, shiites and the kurds), who dont particularly like each other, and you take away the only law and order they have and respect (the Baath Party), rightly or wrongly, you are opening a can of worms the size of which cannot be measured. The fact remains that everyone was conned.

I wasnt trying to offend Americans as i realise they are overly patriotic. I was simply pointing out a few things to Deez bless him

I agree with the Iraq post too…

generallizing that Americans are over patriotic is just picking another fight here, don’t you think?

to tell you the truth, the original post was almost gauranteed to turn into a big argument. The “Slag-ers” are not going to let you slag them and Core77, and then get away…

Come one, you find the arguing entertaining too. admit it