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I am from England. I state that because i think its relavent.

On (which is European) there is none of the ‘bitchyness’ which find here - on this site. 2 years ago i thought Core77 was a great source of knowledge/Inspiration…now however, apart from a few intelligent posters such as CG, YO etc, it appears that all people want to do is slag each other off for no apparent reason other that to make themselves feel ‘superior’.

Can anyone tell me why this is the case?



i personally don’t mind the bitchyness even though i don’t participate (i prefer face to face bitchyness!)

it does lighten up the forum though as there’s always something to read and the most important thing is that almost all questions get answered in the end

bitchiness is relative.

Thanks for your responses but maybe i was not clear enough in my original post.

More directly - why, on, do posters get constructive answers yet on this site, people either go off topic or are blatently rude?

Apologies in advance for any generalisations which maybe inferred.

Even though I’m new here, I think I have a few ideas as to what might be going on.

First, Core77 is significantly more popular than Product Design Forums. More people = more idiots. And idiots travel in packs; when one “Dude, I’m going to be a rockstar!” comes, and isn’t immediately shouted down, more will follow. Core 77 just seems to be more accepting of that kind of behavior. Also, no login is required to post in Core 77. Therefore, people can post and never be held responsible for it.

And lastly, this site is North American, and North Americans are just louder and ruder than Europeans in general.

A possible way of alleviating this problem would be to require people to logon to post, and mod posts, like on Slashdot. Granted this would require a pretty big site restructuring, but it would help.

some people do post bizzare ideas or off topic comments but it’s ok. i think a good designer should have a high tolerance, at least enough to skip over irrelevant material.

reality is it’s not gonna have any impact on true design discussions because eventually design is about solutions not random opinions.

I think Deez should spend less time masturbating into his mothers purse and a little more time showing us how to design.

Step up to the plate Deez, show us what you’ve got.


Typical, not sure how true that is. I do think we are more direct.

Actually this was done about 2 or 3 years ago, traffic to the site came to a grinding halt. The compromise was registration is required in the more sensitive forums. Portfolios, projects, sketching. And open in the more general and special intrests forums.

Enough with the histrionics already, show us your stuff.

I haven’t been there for quite a while because the only “constructive” critisms you usually get are “Cool!”, “Great work mate!” or “Looks cool!”.

It takes quite a bit of courage and thick skin to post works here but it tends to be more fruitful in getting things that you want to hear. Of course you need to learn to filter out what’s irrevelant.

most of the posters there are students and have a lets all learn and share mentality. also they quickly take care of people posting unnecessarily rude or unconstructive comments. more professionals on core, more intense feedback, but also more jadedness that comes from real world experience.

Using an image of Karim makes you less anonymous?

Wait, so you modded posts, too? I can see the logic in keeping some forums open, but I think it would also help if posts were modded (and possibly threaded so we didn’t have to see the more annoying or useless ones). Not sure how much work this woud take with the current PHP structure of the site, but it could be a nice addition.

Oh, and just out of curiosity: has there ever been or will there ever be a design contest for this site? I mean, it’s a site for designers, wouldn’t it be cool to have a contest to redesign the site? And I don’t mean skins, I mean a total overhall. I don’t mean to say the site is shite by any means. It works well. I just think it could be a cool idea.

If you can’t find the ability to distinguish the difference between somewhat putting in your chips by registering and having an identity to uphold day in and day out in this public forum VERSUS a completely ambiguous (identity as well as sexual orientation) and anonymous from the left field shadows of a garbage can guest jerkoff, then your mommy really should have had an involuntary donkey punch abortion.

Go try to think a little more before trying to communicate. But then again, I have a feeling you’re just a bland idiot trying too hard to have a sense of humor, the type of humor that makes people fake smile and dismiss your ass.I love idiots making off the cuff statements hoping it won’t be called out. “makes you less anonymous?” “image of karim?” “makes you less anon?” image?" shut the fuk up you little shit. Go back in your hole. You represent nothing.

there is moderation. just not consistently in all the forums. some moderators are more involved here than others. additionally Core gets disgruntled types. people looking for trouble. angry about their failures. whatever. i once had someone pissed about something IRL send my unused, forum-only email a virus after i told that person to quit being an ass. that’s the internet.

wrt design contests, i initiated one a while back ( ). humble beginning. but some excellent discussion and ideas. i’m unsure why that hasn’t been continued.

i think deez is insecure.

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how about you? what’s with your redneck stance?

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  1. you make valid points
  2. it’s people like you that ruin it for the rest of us. you make me hate myself for bieng american. Our country is the greatest. This doesn’t give us the right to look down our noses on everyone else.
  3. part of growing up is learning self control. learn to argue your point without mudslinging. If you are above everyone else, why do you sink the lowest. Grow up. move on. get some talent, so you’re not so bitter.[/i]

Deez is an idiot. I only have to write these few words and Deez will spend lots of time condeming it by writing useless bitter crap. I win, Deez loses. The condemnation ceremony will now proceed…