product design employment in Australia?

Hello Everyone,

Im currently looking into the Idea of getting a working visa for AUS, and searching for a Product design job out there, purely because its frankly got a bit of better outlook than the current state of affairs in the UK just now.

I have only worked abroad in my short career as a designer (2 years Exp), so now i have set my sights on AUS, so i was wondering if anyone had anythoughts or previous experience in design in AUS, also maybe cost of living, and generally what is your views on the design industry in Australia?[/b]

Being an Australian designer working in Sydney. I may be of assistance. I’m not sure where you have gotten impression that australia has a better outlook of design than the UK. From my experience of travelling through Europe i would say its teh other way around. But maybe its the old case that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
Generally, in australia there are more product designers than there are jobs, and most firms never advertise positions as they are constantly swamped with CVs and Portfolios. Being a product designer who studied in sydney, many graduates, pursue other fields and only a few actually follow through with the industrial design route. If you do come to Aus, I would recommend either sydney or melbourne as the place where you will have the most chances of finding work. Being a designer with only two years experience, clasifies you as a junior designer, and I wouldn’t expect to get paid that much at all. Also, sydney is one of the most expensive cities to live in, so expect the cost of living to be high, and in particularly rent. However on the other hand, if you are an excellent designer, with a kick arse portfolio, with plenty of experience and a a personality that suits a particular office looking for someone of your skill level, you may be a job in a cinch.