product design -- eca vs domus

I’m planning on doing my masters in Product Design this year.

I have been accepted at ECA ( Edinburgh college of art/Scotland ) and Domus MID

At ECA, the product and furniture design course is more self directed and research based . While the MID program at Domus is project based where the entire class gets to do 5 varied projects over the year . I also hear they do not have faculty system but the visiting lecturers are renowned designers .

The thing is… Italy doesn’t give a work visa but Domus as a college is higher ranked than ECA.(going by the blogs on net and business weeks top design list )

Scotland (UK) gives a 2 yr wrk visa … but given the current job situation … I was wondering if it helps at all to take a college based on the work possibility or the ranking …

can anyone offer any insight as to which college will be better course satisfaction / reputation / job wise

Hi there,
I just got conditional offer in MFA Product design from ECA too. Which one that you finally choose? from my point of view, extra years for work experience is advantage.