Product Design Confusion- Need advice

Hi guys/gals,
Need advice on this
im an architect been workin for a year. Need to do my masters …but not sure in what course…Im sure what i wanna do but not so sure which course would cater to what i wanna do.

Really interested on workin on things like accessories like bags, earrings. Photoframes ,candle stands,etc.Basically designing utilatraian stuff aesthetically and artistically. Not very keen on doing things with electronics like cell phones,refrigerators,cars,etc

Inshort im keen on
Designing lifestyle products which aint copies of gizmos but a translation of art!!!

So what course shoud i do is product design the right choice?

maybe a degree in product design? THere are a few good schools that have graduate degree offerings.

What area are you looking at?

Masters in Fashion and Accessories Design :slight_smile:

Thanks…for replying…
I am lookin at areas like Italy and Uk mostly europe…

Domus in italy, and in UK, RCA of cause. In fact RCA only takes post grads with basics in other degrees, so it sounds you will fit the bill.