product by process blog

I’ve been busy lately putting this blog together, the idea of is to link all the video relating to processes, material , finishes, or assembly in one and only place.
go check it out and send me your feedback .
it’s not about the finished product , it’s about how it’s made

(rambling here)

Cool. Graphic design could be simplified MUCHO. The tagline at the top is very irritating since it’s 1. not aligned with anything 2. in all caps 3. all caps serif 4. it’s above the main header. You basically have two logos now. I’d take out the graphical one and keep the typographical one. You also need to fix your social media buttons’ alignments… they’re all whack on Chrome. Also, make them smaller. Your site is primarily dark, so they pop a lot and distract from the actual content. Maybe go greyscale? Get rid of the bullet points on the “LOST?” list, and make the indents less intense. Nav links (Home, about, etc) could also be further down… give it more space to breathe (add some margin-top).

Hllo tarngerine,
thanks a lot for the graphic feedback, i agree with you this interface need some love.
Also don’t hesitate to critic the navigation or any other aspect the website is missing, i’m looking to build a suggestion button or interface allowing people to upload their own video or link…
thanks again

Hey Ben

I think this is a fantastic resource you’ve put together, I agree with Tarng completely on the graphics.

I think your logo could be little stronger perhaps, the typeface you’ve used for PBP is pretty common and pretty 70’s retro, I’d look at installing a more unique font, even get it into illustrator or photoshop and tweak the paths a little in areas to make it more unique? Just a suggestion. What I would do no matter what you do with the logo is sav only the white elements on a transparent background, in photoshop delete the black and make sure it is on transparent and save for web, set as a PNG.

I think the navigation is great, I’d perhaps rename ‘categories’ for ‘processes’?

Try renaming your URL’s to a custom type in settings, use: /%category%/%postname%

You can change the text in the footer that says “The “Video Flick” theme by:” by editing the footer.php probably, I think it makes for a nicer site when you can’t see that it’s an off the shelf theme.

Good luck with it, I think you’ve done a fantastic job to create something like this off your own back.