product animation..... quick replies.

hello all…
We at Innervision are starting a new venture in Graphics and animation.
We are looking at catering to our large range of customers mainly from the industrial background and are looking for the following.

  1. Animating industrial components for companies in instrumentation and medical engineering mainly to educate people who buy their products. The products will be sold with a CD in place of a catalogue and the CD will contain the product website and product info… but mainly will contain the products animation regards to the usage and maintenance of the product.
    How many of you are into this kind of stuff… and what kind of a market is there for such things… we are placed in india but are ready to work globally… we have the contacts in the right places.
    DO let me know if any one is linked to such a thing… either worked on it or is working on it… lets all discuss the pro and con of it so it helps me take a cleare decision soon.

i’d like to discuss but sounds more like an ad than a request to discuss. suggest you place an ad with Core. it pays their bills and keeps this forum up.

I suggest you go F off banchote.

no dudes… you guys getting me wrong… no ad n shit… we are very new to this line of work… and i myself know balls abt graphics… i am more into mainstream industrial cadcam, been a reseller for software like Delcam, Catia etc…
wanted to find out if this sort of a business would click ad wanted to know if there is anyone doing this sort of a thing anywhere in the world… i mean what chances do i have to get this business moving…
and for once, this aint an ad…
guys wanna troll… let me know.

That was me… i forgot to log in before replying…

You want to render products and animate them for a CD catalog?
You would do the graphics of the catalog?
Replace photos of products with renderings?

Actually yes…
I would look at rendering the photos mainly since most products dong give a very clear idea abt the products
and the renderings can go all the way in terms of training users to use the product in question and also add in more details regarding using the product.

i do product renderings for clients. get sent CAD files. render in Maya. thought you were doing animations?

where i worked for a while they did exactly what i understand from your description:
product catalogs with animations/qtvr of specific products or components all in a cd that is distributed to buyers. there is definetly a market for it, i just dont think it is huge.

ok thanks mate… you were right. I was thinking of doing exactly what you’ve written. So you say there is a market but its not huge.
But you think its a good idea for me to begin a firm focussing on it first since i have experience and a lot lot lot of contacts in the mechanical indusctry in india. Then on once i am stable and the firm gains reputation… maybe i can enter mainstream animation like films and ads etc… what say??

two completely different skillsets. I would say it would be very difficult to go from product animation to TV and movies. The reverse might be doable because there is so much more involved in character animation.

You might have to be a little more generalized IMO with re: to what your firm offers.

olrite thanks people… your inputs have been good to help me gauge a few things to begin with…anyways i have started work in the industrial area… am doing some animations for product catalogs for some inspection systems…
if anyone has inputs, suggestions and queries… feel free…
thanks and kind regards,