Procreate vs sketchbook vs other

Procreate vs sketchbook vs other

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Which do you use most for digital sketching? Why?

both more than get the job done, and even though i feel like sketchbook for the ipad is technically a better app for sketching, because of its tools (things like shape templates, rulers, etc.) and the way it actually smooths out lines, i find procreate to be easier to use in practice…it just seems a more straightforward to navigate and its gestures are easier to use, which just make it more comfortable to use for me. i also like that procreate can automatically be set to record every stroke & out a video as opposed to having to actually remember to hit record in sketchbook.

I use both.

I started with Procreate on iPad, but once Sketchbook came out with ellipse guides, I switched. I decided I like the Sketchbook UI more, too. Faster switching between brushes. Procreate does have a lot of handy features, but switching brushes was slowing me down big time.

I use SBP but would be interested in trying out Procreate. I’m using both a touch capacitive screen on an HP x360 and an active screen for a different x360. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has a good pen suggestion for a capacitive screen.

Short answer: SBP suites better.
Long answer:
My first approach with a sketching software was like 5 years ago with Photoshop, really powerful tool but took me some time to set up all the brushes and learning to use them properly. In fact I had to sell my Wacom at that time so never got the chance to real dive in photoshop sketching. Then sketchbook came out with the Designer version and the Pro version, anyone remembers? At that time seemed a nice soft but needed some more development. A few months ago finally got able to buy a Wacom again and SBP suites better for me and my workflow. Never tried Procreate neither had an iPad so…

I’ve used both, used to use SBP almost daily but I switched to Leonardo a few years ago - I like that it’s a lean engine, written by one guy and he’s responsive when I have ideas to make it better. He’s improved it and added features multiple times. Import/export is clean, infinite canvas is helpful for my workflow, it’s not jagged or jumpy and it makes sweet, sexy lines. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, haven’t tried that one. I’ll give it a shot. I find I’ve gotten a bit bored of the painterliness of Procreate and am leaning more into sketchbook again.