Procreate for iPad Live Broadcast?

Anyone get this to work? Trying to do a live broadcast via Youtube, but keeps failing and giving and error message when it asks for the title?

Trying to find a way to stream for a demo I’ll be doing at a lecture.

Alternatively, is it possible to airplay to a laptop that is connected to a TV via HDMI or USB somehow?


Sorry Richard, haven’t tried that. I always just dig up my phone and end up doing a FaceTime session :slight_smile:

FaceTime of a Procreate demo? To a group?


I just dig my phone up over my drawing surface and do it that way. Haven’t done it with an iPad.

Ah. Ok. Looking for a way to share the iPad drawing specifically on procreate.


You can AirPlay/Screen Mirror to an AppleTV that’s connected to a Monitor or some kind of projector. Will that work in this scenario?

Additionally, there’s Lightning to HDMI or DP adapters out there you could plug in as a Video input, but you may be limited to only displaying still images from your camera roll, depending on the set up on site.

Also, for AirPlay to work, you’ll just need to be connected to the same WiFi network as the AppleTV.