Process Book...

Hey guys, what’s an overall layout of a process book? What sections go where?
I am a bit puzzled. Thanx for your help.

I tried to google but I couldn’t find anything…

Pick up any book…and look through the index…they all follow a common ground.
You start with an introduction to your project aka. problem/design statement. (what are you trying to solve…state the problem)
Then you go into your research section. this section defers depending on your project. It typically includes images for your design inspiration, comparative studies of other competing products, problem analysis, flow charts to show solution/solution trees. (How and why does it need to be solved?)
From there on you go into the first developmental stages of your project. This could include preliminary sketching, thumbnails, quick foam studies (pictures). And then you build upon that and progress towards your final solution…aka…process book!
try to get a hold of some seniors in your school and see if you can take a look at their thesis papers/project books… those are usually quite thorough…or atleast they should be.