problems with outer glow on Illustrator

sup people?

Does any1 out there know why outer glow won’t work on Illustrator? When I select the object I want to apply it to, and then go to “effct-stylize-outer glow” it goes through the motions as if it works but doesn’t apply the effect!!

Can anyone help?? It’s doing my head in!!!

That’s wierd. Try tossing out your preference file.

You should post here:

For PC:

For Mac:

Did you make sure you set the color of the outer glow and play with the settings to make it big enough for you to see? Mine uses a light yellow by default which won’t show up unless it’s in front of a dark background. It took me a while before I even saw that I could change that color. If you’re applying it to a big object, the default specs might make it really hard to see unless you adjust it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies, hhhmmmm…I’ll think I’ll try giving the preferences the boot Laureng, cheers.

Skinny-Thanks, but I tried adjusting the preferences and it made no difference, the object I’m applying it to is small too, it’s a pre-loder for a website I’m building.

If I find the solution to the problem I’ll post back and let you know…


i had that exact problem with outer glow in v9, but on v10 outer glow works like a charm…i now use it way to much, although it’s always very subtle… and now i often set it to black and use multiply transparency…just softens everything up…

only thing i hate is how outer glow gets super pixelated at small sizes…often i work at a larger size if i need to export the artwork to bitmap…

yeah I’m using AI 10, still having the same problem though…I don’t get it!

How do I get rid of the pref file?

You guys should really check out the adobe forums:

PC Illustrator forum:

This was posted under the illustrator FAQs thread:

Illustrator preferences are stored in the file Aiprefs. This file has no file extension, is a hidden file, and its location is dependent upon the operating system version.

To locate the file from Windows Explorer it is necessary to set Explorer options to “View Hidden Files and Folder”

Under Win XP and Win 2K, the file will be located in:

%windir%\Documents and Settings~username\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [Version].

If manually deleting this file, ensure Illustrator is closed first.

With Illustrator CS, it is also possible to delete the preferences by holding down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT whilst starting the application and responding ‘Yes’ when prompted (but you do have to be really quick to do so - if the Splash screen displays, Illustrator has beaten you to it)


That’s me rockin AI once more…

Have a good xmas and happy new year when it comes over there in Chicago!


Thanks Andy S

I think winter has finally arrived in Chicago. We got a dusting of snow last night and it’s 10°F (-15°C I think) -2°F with the wind chill. Christmas and New Years is soon to follow.

Hope your holidays are a bit warmer.

BTW did you solve your problem?