Problems with Nagoya Design Do online registration?!?

Anyone of ya having problems with the online registration for this competition? Well I do and the deadline is today!! What shld I do? Help please! Anyone :frowning:

“Base64”? “depending on the media (software) used and the mail encoder format, it may not be possible to check the contents of the file.”

might be encryption level. browsers usually 128 bit. [damn. finding registration a b*tch! browser input i see]

never seen. interesting. i’m using IE 6. padlock bottom of entry form page. page properties show 128 bit encryption. changed my security settings. no diff. only guess is install security certificate. in IE right-click. pop up. click certificate. install. this verifies who you are. i guess.

may be wrong. not entering/submitting form. may be net traffic on last day. good luck.

link may be useful