Problems finding a final year project!

I am about to go into the final year of my Product design course at university and am now at the stage in which I should be picking a problem to base my final year project upon.
Lecturers tell you pick a final year project of which you have interest in (for obvious reasons)

the idea on my course is to go back in september and have an idea for what you want to do for a final year project that you research, initialize then put into final production (prototypes, model making) presentation boards over the period of the final year. So with that in mind i would like to pick a field that im interested in (as all students are advised for obvious reasons), computer games design industry> one I would have an interest and two it would point my work and portfolio towards the said industry. My question being:
are there anyways in wich to identify a problem? i just perhaps want advice on good ways to go about finding or identifying a problem or how you have gone about this in the past either identifying a space for a new product or spotting sufficient inadequacies in existing products basically a gap for me to exploit and produce good piece of work from.

my main issue is to identify a problem to get an avenue to explore of go down i don’t particularly want to try and convince people that my product is worthwhile with meaningless statistics abstract sources when in fact its just another product that no one really needs which is after all the whole stigma associated with product design

Its not that im looking for someone to come up with a solution for me its just at the moment i feel its one of those non starters and any help advice or point in a direction would be greatly appreciated!