Pro/ENGINEER is for Rock Stars, SolidWorks is for ...

Who gets more birds?

  • Rock Stars
  • Folk Singers
  • High School Marching Band

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Pro/ENGINEER is for Rock Stars, SolidWorks is for Folk Singers, and Rhino is for the High School Marching Band. Honestly who doesn’t want to be a Rock Star? Who meets more birds; Rock Stars or Folk Singers? And we all know where the High School Marching band stands next to ether of those.

Why do people like their various programs?
What are your thoughts for strengths and weaknesses for each?
For example Rhino looses surface continuity when you modify a curve Alias will update.
Another example the use of direct modeling in Alias.

This is just a few things we have been discussing around the Design Engine offices worldwide and thought we would open it up to everyone else.

Enlighten us with your thoughts. My boss wont be to happy I posted this being we teach all of the programs and not to mention I posted it under his login and password. But hay you have to stand up for what you believe in or your no better then a Rhino user. (Hey I’m just trying to get a debate going.)

Ryan Alexander Intern

SOLIDWORKS works where INVENTOR crashes. Not very robust on surface modelling but a pretty useful tool all around.

Don’t know enough about Pro E to comment. Know more than I care to about INVENTOR (Autodesks “3d” package). I can sum it up in 2 words: It sucks.

This is not an ad board. Go read the previous posts of the pros and cons and stop touting your programs. Enough is enough.

read the entire thread and ask me in the morning.

This thread is really a sad commentary on the real worth of design skills in this country in 2005. When such highly experienced designers find CAD skills the major impediment described it throws into question the real added-value our profession REALLY bring industry and business.

Ryan, didn’t you get the memo?

!!! Band Jocks Rule !!!

!!! And the DRUM LINE rules the BAND !!!

Loser, how’d you get your boss’ password?

Actually I’d have to agree with the author. Marching bandmembers don’t get any birds at all. And not to mention they have to wear that stupid looking outfit that’s just screaming “kick my arse” because “I’m such a loser”!

tell it on the Marines chump

Specifically, the Marine Corp Band!

Losers, my ass.

You still not a rock star though! Yeah, Marines are cool because after they play they get to pick up their M16’s and go to war and kick real ass. But for the majority of marching bands out there - NO , you guys aren’t cool unless you’re playing “closer” or “headhunter” (IF you guys know what these songs are. Because if my hyphothesis is correct this should be the easiest question there is right now).

Bottom line is: Rock Stars are S I M P L E

That marine likes wankers not birds. Note the white gloves.

Interested in a shootout? I want to finding out the points of difference between the programs (Solidworks and proe)

Me too. I can kick rock star ass in ProE Wildfire 2.0 and I’ll be amazed (and psyched) if SolidWorks can match it for parametrics and surfacing (as I need to learn it for a new job starting in two weeks…)

do you think designers back in the day had such squables about prisma colors or verithins?

juvenile but fun- what about showing us how you would model yo’ sketch?


Maybe post some screen shots tomorrow?

Yeah, I agree, Pro/E rules. Just look at all the big corporations, they are all using Pro/E; Caterpillaar, Intel, Microsoft… and the list goes on. Solidworks is good if you are just getting started. And another thing, Pro/E jobs pay way better.

Alias is like the Ferrari of CAD software programs. And yes, they too charge you an arm and a leg for it.

Ferraris are nice too look at but hard to drive and expensive to maintain…

I have to agree with Yo! MTV Raps!

Not to mention useless for everyday use.