Pro Engineer exporting and rendering problems


I’ve been using ProEngineer for a few years now and now. I am in my final year of an ID course in the UK, I need some better rendering outputs. I have been trying to use 3ds to render files exported as iges. When I import from proe to 3ds random surfaces seem to disappear, become single sided and I get planar sufaces randomly created.

Any ideas what might be going on with this?

Also anyone had any experience with the proE photorender plug-in?

Thanks in advance

export as STL format
And then import it (play around with settings on import)
it should be smoothed (on import)
and off ya go.

Try IGES format too, but in my experience IGES did not import nicely into 3Ds

The Power Translator max plugin by nPower Software ( might be useful to you. Polytrans by Okino ( is also a good and well know file transfer application.

You have to make sure the 2-Sided checkbox is checked for all of your materials in 3DS.