PRO E WILDFIRE ....(the bigest waste of my time!!!)

arghhh I have it, this app is completely dated…I might as well pull out my drawing board, at least that way I feel i haev some control.

problem need to make a BOM in a drawing for an assembly.


  1. click on ‘create BOM’ button

Pro/E Wildfire:

  1. Create table

  2. specify no rows

  3. specify number of columns

  4. specify first column width

  5. specify 2nd column width

  6. specify 1st row height

  7. specify 2nd row height

  8. type in titles

  9. create a ‘repeat region’ …WTF?

  10. assign attributes to each cell (rpt.index,, rpt.qty)

  11. hit refresh

  12. steps v’s 1…why does anyone still use this app!

Were the programmers so lazy not be arsed to creating a one hit button. Or have I completely miss the auto BOM create in Pro/E

This is why i use a computer so I don’t have to do the dull things and I can concentrate on the important stuff.