Pro E Tutorial Book??

can some one PLEASE recommend me a book to learn Pro E. i would like to learn the program from a designer’s point of view and not an engineer (unless i have to)

thanks n adv

Pro/ENGINEER books are often written from an ME perspective… by engineers and not for specif industrial design … proving form… managing surfaces… ergonomics… Careful what you ask for.

It’s book that needs to be written… “ProE for product designers”

DesignEngine I bet you could put together a doozy

DE i am noticing you have a great rep here on this forum, can you pls recommend me a good book to learn it especially surfacing and other related fields of it. i hope you are able to help me. thank you.

You need to make a pilgrimage to Chicago young jedi. Bart at Design Engine is like the yoda of Pro/E.

He can show you the way. Books will help you not. :wink: