Pro/E surfaciing :. free form surface edit like in Alias

I agree that the marker menus in Alias are great, and that Pro/E’s interface does leave a lot to be desired, but I have done some pretty wicked surfacing in Pro/E. I design furniture, lighting and housewares with it.

I agree that it depends on what you need the software to do, but I think a lot of Alias users just haven’t really seen the insane amount of flexibility and control that a Pro/E surface model can have. If you build it right, you can pull and stretch and adjust that sucker til the cows come home.

I prefer that my model is robust and infinitely adjustable. I’ll take some minor interface inconveniences in exchange.

Whats up Chris Daisy. Good to see you posting.

marker menus are patented… Alias has been around since at about 1981… marker menues had to get in there before 1992… I remember them at least then… Do we count 17 years? God thats got to run out soon hu? Yea thats a great addition to workflow in Alias thats hard to beat…

About modeling techniques… thats what designers have always complained about the parametric modelers… “You have to know what you want before you start modeling” In Alias you don’t know what you want till your done… then you remodel parts as the picture becomes more clear.

With ID modeling techniques and new Pro/E you just tug and pull on some curves and update the geometry parametrically. Granted the typical VAR’s don’t have that kind of experience for training (we like it they hate us) and would really turn off the ID’er learning Pro/E.

It’s easy to get a bad attitude now days. When I learned soldiworks I would have killed myself if I did not have a hi-end Pro/E user who knows solidworks also sitting next to me. Beyond design 1999 I learned a lot about Pro/E when I was learning Solidworks. I also learned a lot about Pro/E when I learned Alias. I learn a lot every day anyways

Thanks Bart.

All I know is that while I was learning Pro/E, there were multiple occasions where Bart would do something ridiculously cool and then say “You can’t do that in Alias” and “You can’t do that in Solidworks”.

So why on earth would I want to use a program that has more limitations?
Especially when you can model something in Pro/E so fast.

Often times I don’t know what I want before I start, so I don’t really understand that Alias argument. It seems like a big waste of time to have to create a model more than once.


of course there are work arounds for everything… If anyone cares I could articulate work a-rounds for anything listed.

Alias will not (for some freeken reason) let users force a tangency (or curvature) condition with a curve sketched on surface.

Pro/E in the surface edit functions of ISDX now lets users see isoparms… PTC calls that ‘knots’. (I think thats the correct math term as opposed to isoparms by the way. (and I forgot to slam Pro/E render tools and that the render worlflow is stuck in 1988)

  • Solidoworks will not let users add to the tangent edge selection set when building boundary surface.
  • no automatic regeneration in sketcher

Been pushing the surface edit tools very hard in class last week. I did this highlighted surface as a sweep and with surface edit snapped the surface edge tangent to the a neighboring surface with a 2" gap.

wf4.0 surface edit align tangent. It will go curvature too.

No one cares about these tools on my engineering boards because its so foreign to their way of thinking. This is exactly how I’ve seen workflows using Alias Studio.

I am still on WF2…I am guessing that this functionality is new in WF4?

Thanks for showing what can be done with Wildfire 4 guys, it’s really eye opening… its also really hard to even see what is possible with the ProE tools sometimes, there never seems to be good resources around (except for classes)…

There are user meetings with user presentations… expert presentations.

There is solidworks world… Alias used to do the 3december

Then there is college… Not many colleges besides Purdue allow their ID students access to the engineer’s Pro/E seats. Its easy really. Just ask.

And I’ve done several free workshops for students to Purdue over the past 10 years.

Oh sure…start doing that at Purdue AFTER I leave…grunt :wink:

I have been trying to get back down to Purdue to do a class. Want to join me? It will be fun.

Actually, I would love to. I was trying to get down there for Halloween weekend, but ended up bailing on it b/c my daughter didn’t want to leave town for Halloween (she’s 5).

My Mom lives in Wheaton, so I was going to dump the kids there and go down for the Michigan game. Being an ex Purdue athlete , I was able to score some free tix…I might have to make it for a Basketball game instead…might be more exciting this year :wink: