Pro/E Surface help

I can do basic extrusions and part shapes but having trouble with surfaces. How can I create a simple “Surface” in Pro/E? Do I have to use “Set Active Plane” and make two or 4 curves and connect them somehow and select “Surface”? I’m trying to learn the steps to create a surface and perhaps create a solid and use “Surface Connect”. THX

There are several ways to make surfaces. Draw a simple sketch line on a plane and use the Variable Sweep tool. Or do a revolve and select surface instead of solid. Or you can draw a four part boundry and use boundry blend. You could even use the Fill tool on a plane.

If you look up pro/e surfacing on youtube there are some demos posted.

define simple surface?

To me a simple surface is one below a boundary blend… an extrude might be a simple surface. Extrude works like a protrusion only the result is a surface.

Then the next might be a sweep… a sweep has one trajectory or multiple trajectories.

then there is the four part boundary. Build four curves that touch in any configuration where each curve is non tangent … then use the boundary blend tool to create the boundary blend.

All available with stock $5000 seat of Pro/E.

Remember your surface can only be as good as your curves … so if you achieve tangency or continuity with your curves then you can also create the same level with your surfaces.

All vague I guess until you have a specific question.

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