Pro-E Student Version and Manufacturer's quotes

I have extensive design work done in Pro-E Student Version. This was done by a friend who only has Student Version. I want to send files out for quote and I have two questions. First, what type of files do such manufactures who quote mold jobs require? Second, would they take files that originate from Pro-E student version and, if not, what can I do to make the files I have “commercial” quality? Thanks for your help everyone!

Tom Smith

It is not commercial ‘quality’ but the licensing built into the file. I can’t remember whether you cant open student files in commercial or if its the other way around. I think you can get most useful info transferred as a step file without loosing detailed geometry and has no license restrictions.

If you are having moulds made, you can export CNC code and this has no license restrictions.

You can not open Professional versions in SE, nor can you open SE versions in a full license. There are also supposed to be encodings in the Iges, and Step files preventing the SE version from being used commercially.

After all if you are using the SE version for Professional work you are essentially using Pirated software! Read the license agreements my friend.