Pro/e Postscript Problem

Anyone have any thoughts on this problem:

I have created a sheetmetal assembly within Pro/e wf2. I am creating the 2D documentation…no biggie. But when I go to export the PDF it is jumbling up all the lines. Almost like someone shook the drawing and lines went scattering all around the page.

It is VERY strange. I have narrowed to thinking it is related to Acrobat v8, as I created some PS files and then used distiller on another machine that was loaded with Acrobat v6 and it worked fine. But I just tried to do a drawing update on my machine that has Acrobat v8 and I am back to the same garbage.

Do you need specific features of PDF for this, or is it mostly screen viewing?
Give this a try, free non-restricted 3rd party PDF printer driver.

It probably lacks some thngs, but should work okay a a test

Have you heard of Ghostscript? Its freeware and a little convoluted but handles PS files pretty well and converts them to PDF. I used to use it a lot to convert PDF’s to DXF’s for logo/label work.

I do use a lot of the workflow features of distiller to produce low file size yet still print viable documents.

The issue here seems to be specific to pro/e and acrobat v8. Works with v6. I can even open the exported .ps file in illustrator that is jumbled through distiller and it is 100% clean.

I am not looking for another solution. This seems to be something that has happened in the file I am building for this specific client. I am not sure if the sheetmetal, skeleton, or simplified reps are causing some kind of .ps anomaly, but something is really wonky.

I’ve opened a case with Adobe and we’ll see what happens.