Pro/E Experts


I need to use the Query Select feature (to select a surface for copying and pasting) in Pro Engineer WF 3.0, and have no idea how to get to it. If anyone knows how to access and use this feature, I’d appreciate the assistance. Thanks.

Its all in the right click… Its kinda hard to explain but once you get the hang of it you will find the query selection process faster.

Right click to query thru parts in an assembly too. Try this. Right click before you hover over a surface… move your mouse slightly then left click on the surface. The geometry should turn pink showing you the selected surface.

its important to recognize the difference between selecting the geometry (red outline) and selecting the quilt (red fill). I got hung up on that when I first started with Pro.

Another way is to change what the select tool is seeing. In the bottom right of the ProE screen, there’s a pull down menu where you can change the select tool to read only quilts, geometry, etc…

Got it to work, finally. Thanks.