Pro-E and Circular Dependency

I am currently using Pro-E Wildfire 3.0 along with Intralink 3.4. I have a huge assembly system (1500 parts+) and need to duplicate a few core assembly files to generate a second project similar to the first. To do this, I go into pro intralink and selct my main assembly, click duplicate, then select dependency: all and include drawings, then select the files I want to duplicate.

Once I click ok, I get an error “There are circular dependencies to ‘145-20656.asm’ 113-20325.asm should be selected to complete the operation.”

I have checked to make sure both objects are completely fixed and they do not appear to have any dependencies.

Is this a bug, or does anyone know a way around it, or had a similar experience?

I’m pulling my hair out over this.

Thank you!

As a side note. there were only 4 CRC files found in the working directory, and none of them appeared to be related to the errors given in pro-intralink. Although I only went about 20 items into the dependency loop, and I assume this is fairly similar to debugging a program, where the first listed item usually is the problem and all other items listed below that are just caused by a snowball effect from the first item.