Has anyone used Pro/CONCEPT from PTC? Is it a stripped down version of Pro/E or something different? I can’t make out too much from the specs page and having some problem trying to download the trial version, so cant figure out for myself as of now…

Thanks in advance!

It is a completly different beast than Pro/E. It is PTC’s surface modeler, used to be called CDRS. I have used it, but opted not to renew the maintanence due to the fact that what we were using it for could be accomplished once they added the ISDX component to Pro/E. It interfaces with pro/e but through an imported geometry feature.

It does have some sketching and paint on surface features similar to Alias Studio as well, and includes the advanced photorenderer. You should definatly try before you buy it, just to make sure it is what you want.

My understanding is slightly different. Not sure which of us is right.

While I never used CDRS, it is my understanding that is what became ISDX. Pro/Concept is a polygon or sub-d modeller, used for quick concept models.

Maybe I’m wrong…

Bart, are you around to help us out?

ProConcept is a mesh modeler. Somewhat clunky from the videos. You would be better off getting something like Silo, Maya or Cinema 4D, then converting to nurbs with t-splines in Rhino.

CDRS was listed on the license as “Pro/Concept” in its final build, and had some of the “clay modeling” tool set, as well as the basic paint on screen. As mentioned that aspect of quick mesh modeling and the paint on surface was expanded to Pro/Concept, the spline driven surface modelng was integrated into ISDX. Then with WF2.0 the mesh modeling was furthure incorporated when the Warp features were reworked and greatly improved. I have in demonstration modeled an entire fishing reel (bait cast) from a base oval extrude. But feel rhino is a far better spend

Pro/CONCEPT is a dead product. plus for modeling it is hard to beat the foam modeling w/ a knife or the Polygon modeling of Maya with all those deformation tools.

In the end w Pro/CONCEPT all you have is a digital model that does not even import into Pro/E.

I just noticed on the PTC site that Pro/CONCEPT is still being sold. Maybe I was wrong about it being a dead product.

Does anyone know of anyone who uses it? I couldn’t even find anything in its image gallery on the PTC site (unless I wasn’t looking in the right place).

there was an entry from PTC for the photoreal 2003 furniture competition. The software has some bad ass functions with procedural maps and such. See #19 . That was entered by the guy who integreated ISDX from CDRS BTW. A top level guy at PTC.

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