Pro and easy lighting for product design renders

Guys check out the web site.

This software lets you make perfect lighting for product design renders in lots of different 3D software. Means your renders look more like studio photography. Check our their gallery.

It’s not hard to make an image like that: HDR Light Studio 4 - New LightPaint in action on Vimeo
It works with Maxwell Studio, KeyShot, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Maya… and more

and yes, I do work for the company… but it is cool stuff if you havent come across it before. Just letting you know it exists!

Happy lighting!

I had come across this one, when I was searching for HDRI maps for Alias.(for chrome or steel effect)

I love the fact of mapping lights on the hemi-sphere dome & controls them easily with their impact on the object rendering
than…putting light in the space & spending time on controlling them or image base lighting… (process for Alias.)

I wish for this awesome feature in next Alias… :wink:
till that time…I have to work with avaliable HDRI resources…

One useful HDR image map resource for chrome/steel/metal effect is

Happy lighting!

That words are so kind !!!