private schools in europe... pleace heeeeellllppppppp.......

You know any private schools ( design) around in europe…???


I’m french designer and I know several private shool in europe, there are “Creapole” in paris, “blue school” in paris “ecole bleu” in french, the “Cammendo school” in paris, the “IED” in the south france and the “ISD” in valencienne, north france, they are all private and good.



sounds like u streess’n out.

I go to parsons school of design. and I know that there is a Parsons paris. i am sure that it is a great school. parsons is I believe a top ranked school for design. so i am sure they are great. check it out. it would help if you let us know what you are trying to get into then maybe that way we can better direct you.


good luck

Im living in Denmark designing for LEGO. There is a school nearby called Kolding Design school. Though mostly all schools here are state owned.


also some good furniture design schools in Copenhagen.

English is well spoken here.


I am a French designer.
I studied at the Institut Europeen de Design (Toulon - France) and at Lahti polytechnic Institute of design in Finland.
Now, I am following courses from the university of Salford in England.

There is also other school and for that you can see the website :

Good luck

why do you need to go to a private school??? why not go to one of the hundreds of good state run Id courses in th UK or rest of europe? Ive just grad from Napier Uni in Edinburgh… def not private and still had a good rounded design edu…