private messaging

Anyone been having issues with sending private messages?

Does the PM tool only send messages periodically, not ‘instantly’?

I have a couple of PM’s sitting in my outbox…just sitting there. Wondering how long it takes to send.

I know its an archaic tool, but like an adjustable crescent wrench sometimes it has its uses.


You might be over capacity. Try deleting some and see if that works?

Sent messages is 30% full.
Inbox is 52% full.
Saved message is 4% full.

I don’t think capacity is the issue.

OK, nope that is not it then. Let me send you a test.

I"m getting an error. Let me contact Will.

Also got some old ones sitting in my outbox that I’m not sure went through. Was having the same issue with PMs not going through a while ago, but think I gave up trying. My capacity also not an issue.


I let Will know and he is looking into it.

OK some of them went through now. Thanks.

Mr Moderator:
Just saw I had 2 PM’s sitting in my Outbox - one of them from 2017. Is this functionality going to be fixed for the forums or has it been abandoned?


To my knowledge it works. I just got your PM as soon as you sent. Just been traveling.

There is a low limit on PMs for some reason though. Sometimes it gums it up and won’t send until you delete some sent or received ones. I’ll ask Will if he can fix that.

Just sent you a reply and it is sitting in my outbox. See if you got it?

Hi Mods:
Bumping because I’m having the same problem: PMs sitting in my outbox. Not a capacity issue; in the single digits of used space. Help or directions much appreciated, thanks.