private airplane interior for a friend


I working on an interior design for my friend’s plane (he is building it) as a favor. The plane is a Cozy MarkIV. The key is to design something we can have built by a local cut and sew shop, and ourselves (he’s an engineer at Intel, and can build just about anything). The seating position is 2x2 like a car.

Below is where I am at, anybody have any tips, advice, comments or criticism?
I am also doing the graphics for the exterior [as shown (the wings and canards have to be white due to the temperture sensitivity of the wings, bummer)]

Looks like a cool side project! Love the grey/orange color scheme. That combo seems to be gaining popularity again, back from the 70’s. That first sketch is awesome, and reads so much better than the marker? studies.

I would spend some time thinking about instrument placement and switch placement to provide a natural mapped layout of information. More important then any graphic features I would focus around providing the best possible cockpit layout to help minimize any user errors.

Instead of having a strong line wrapping straight back from the dashboard, have you considered bring that line down as it rolls of the dashboard and extending it from below the arm rests? By removing such a strong line and breaking up the continuity you may give the interior a more spacious feel.

If you plan on fabricating seats you may be able to bring the sweeping feel of the cockpit into their design. I have done some work on car seats and it should be possible to create something less box like without over complicating the project.

It looks fantastic, I hope you keep us posted.

nice project.