Printing on Wooden Box

I would like to get some help from this forum in finding a source of printers which can print on wooden box.

I want to print 3 or 4 lines of matter on the front on top of a wooden box. This printer needs print while the box is moving at a constant speed. This is for Industrial use.

Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanking in advance

I would investigate ikeas method of printing on board, they used osb with a drier finer surface to enable a bond of acrylic like paint to effectivly seal the osb and enable a mock wood grain finish to be applied.

What sort of decal/print are you looking for as there are many other methods you use use, ranging from heat transfer to screen printing.

Since it is wood you could burn the text on with a laser, or “print” it with ink jet if color is required.


This is a great resource or designers and engineers. You will have to register, but it is free.

Once in, use keywords like: Laser Marking and Engraving equipment, Marking equipment, etc. Do not use the word “printer”, or all you will find are consumer products.

This page has over 200 “marking” equipment companies on it. Register, and you’re on your way.


This took five minutes to find on GlobalSpec. Have fun…

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