Printing on stand-up pouches

I’m helping a friend out with some food packaging, and he wants to use a stand-up pouch similar to the one in the picture below. The company he’s buying the pouches from offers hot-stamped graphics, but they’re pretty restrictive in terms of size, tolerance, color, etc. He was asking me about alternatives, and I figured he could take them to any old screen printer and have them done. Is there any reason that wouldn’t work?

Depends on the outer film (stand-up pouches are several laminated layers).

The heat from hot stamping allows for better adhesion than a cold screen.

Get a sample pouch. Smear ink on it. See if it sticks.

One other issue. To make a stand-up pouch, you fold the film and there will be a transition from 2 layers of film to 4 layers of film. It is not flat. Screen printing may have issues at that transition.

iab is right on both counts. Just out of curiosity, I searched printing on stand up pouches to see what’s new, I hadn’t looked for a while. I came across Rosastar Digital Pouches. I was surprised by the options, relatively low minimum quantities and reasonable cost.