Printing on POM plastics

Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal,[1] polyacetal, and polyformaldehyde, is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.

A client wants to use it for an part but is having trouble printing onto it. Anyone done it sucessfully and can share some tips?

Tampo, Tampo with glass inks, and also hot foil printing have been tried… the MEs have said the “surface energy” is not great enough. Might be some issue in matching the inks as well. Laser is always an option but unideal…

Where else to ask but Core? :wink:

I would ask the supplier of the POM pellets.

I would have guessed that it is impossible, and yes our supplier states it is. But there are alternatives:


Thanks guys… That’s what our guys said too. Guess they’ll just mold the logos in next time

Have some faith in your people ! (John Lennon says) :wink:

P.S: I am notorious for questioning everything I am told, as well.