printing on plexiglass

I wonder if i can print on a sheet of plexiglass (dimensions about 5mX2m). The whole construction will then be sunk into a pool. Do you have any advice? If i do not use plexiglass can you propose another low cost material?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.

Silk Screen…duh…

yeah, i know that this might be the one way solution but is it feasible to print an image onto a single surface (5mX2m)?. Also, how does silk screen reacts if it is placed into water?

thanks for your interest anyway!

i guess i will have to split the printing in smaller parts. Do you have any idea of companies (internationaly) that i could address to for more info once the ones located here in greece will not bother to answer to you unless you promise them a check of 100000000000000000 euros… :cry:

thank you in advance

If your images are only line art (like vector graphics from flash or illustrator) you could have a signmaker make you a large set of vinyl transfers. They are either laser or knife cut, with a sticky backing, and you peel (very carefully) and stick them on. They should be waterproof, since they are used for outdoor signage and truck decals.

And (wonder of wonders :slight_smile: lists several Greek sign makers
The domain is for sale for your next Sign Makers project.

Good luck.

UV screened?